From Start to Finish

From Start to Finish

When we say we provide everything from pre-production to production to post-production, we mean just that. Yes, we’ve got a full crew filled with cinematographers, cam ops, AC’s, sound mixers, boom ops, etc. Yes, we have killer editors, colorists, motion graphics editors, etc. that work magic in post-production.

But, what makes us unique is that we combine all of the above with our strong suit in creative and development. We’re equipped with accomplished writers, producers, and directors. We develop and produce in-house content on the daily. We bring the whole package to any project, big or small.


We believe everyone has a unique story to tell. Our goal is to find every possible way to give those stories life on screen.

Our award-winning staff of producers provides over 40 years of experience in the film, television, and commercial industries to oversee a multitude of productions. We’ve worked with HBO, Twentieth Century Fox, ABC, HGTV, Universal, PBS, and many more to produce renowned content for our audience. We oversee production from start to finish, and we pride ourselves on the trust we build with our clients. Not to mention, we work with kids…and they don’t hate us. So, that’s cool.


We tell stories. We make you feel things.

ATG is a highly collaborative atmosphere. We’re equipped with writers from various backgrounds in scripted and non-scripted television series, documentaries, films, and commercials. Our writers bring an outside-the-box mindset to create authentic original content.


We come together from backgrounds in film, television, and commercial work to bring you stimulating and unique images of life across the globe. Our cinematographers are the artists behind several shows you view daily. You can see our work on various current and upcoming network shows like Weird But True! (FOX), Philly Revival (HGTV), Furever Home (Animal Planet), and Xploration Outer Space (FOX).


We make the magic happen behind the scenes, in the back, in the dark…there’s a harsh glow on our faces just enough to fill in the dark circles under our bloodshot eyes, we probably need some vitamin D, but we’re too busy telling amazing stories and creating things that don’t exist in reality to ultimately blow your socks off.

Our editors are experienced in reality television and documentaries, scripted television and film, and branded content. With several editing bays and color suites in both NJ and Philly locations, all with experienced editors in Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer, ATG has the talent and physical space to bring each story to life from cutting to coloring to motion graphics.

Now, a lot of production companies say all this stuff, but don’t have the physical space to show it. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that with us. Not only do we have a lovely office equipped with editing bays, office suites, and conference rooms in Gibbstown, we also have an entire studio just a 5 minute ride down the street in Paulsboro, big enough for scripted television sets and fancy car commercials. In fact, it’s where we shoot National Geographic Kids’ Weird But True! (Fox).

But wait! We also have an office right in Old City, Philadelphia, just walking distance from tons of restaurants, clubs, cafes, etc., etc. So, don’t underestimate the power of ATG. We’ve pretty much got it all covered. Sound good? Cool.