Production Scripting

Pre Production


Our clients and partners rely on us to break down the aesthetic structure of any given project. We provide the tools and resources to visualize and materialize the tone, look, and feel of productions from commercials to branded entertainment series with strict branded guidelines. 

It starts with creative ideation, concept development, and strategy. We work with brands of all sizes to understand their goals and map out the most creative and effective production plan based on target audience, demographic, and brand-awareness. 

We collaborate with clients and partners to tell the most effective story. Every project, big or small, has a unique narrative arc, theme, and end goal. We understand those elements and bring them to life on paper so that they can smoothly translate on screen.

Once we have a plan and script in place, the overall visual aesthetic follows. We carefully follow the goals and guidelines of every project and use these elements to pre-visualize every beat in the narrative.

Cinematography is a heavy component to the creative process. Our DPs use every premeditated creative element to strategically map out step-by-step shot list that will be implemented in production.


All That’s Good currently handles development for project shopping to multiple networks and digital streaming platforms. Our development team is up-to-date on market research and current mandates, which fuels timely and authentic content that flourishes from inception to execution.

We are equipped with writers from various backgrounds in scripted and non-scripted television series, documentaries, films, and commercials. Our writers, both locally and in Los Angeles, bring forth a unique mindset to create authentic original content.

We bring our concepts to reality through full-fledged, produced, and cinematic sizzle reels, which aid in visualization, character development, tone, and overall story goals during the pitch process.

We turn standard spaces into creative dreamscapes, distant lands, and reimagined environments with elaborate set dressing and wardrobe. Our design teams transform any space to take every production where it needs to be.

Our network of casting agents never fails to find the most professional models, actors, and voiceover artists that bring substance and life to any story.

Our scouts are capable of finding the most suitable locations for any scene across the country. Additionally, with home-bases in both Philadelphia and southern New Jersey, we have access to a wide range of scenery right in our back yard for accessible on-location productions that we can easily manipulate to fit the overall style and tone of our projects.

Whether the project is original or collaborative with a partner, we bring together all elements of story, aesthetic, structure, and strategy into a cohesive deck to create a roadmap to success for every production.

We oversee a multitude of productions from start to finish. No matter the size, style, or complexity of the project, we curate the best team and oversee every aspect of production to ensure the best possible outcome.


We assemble a team of qualified, positive professionals to every project. As a full-service production company with full crew capabilities, we can be as a-la-carte as needed and fill in the missing pieces to any production.

While we own a variety of industry-standard lighting equipment that we’ve used on productions big and small, we also partner with local rental houses to bring a versatile arsenal of crew and equipment to the table. 

We have an arsenal of specialty rigs and equipment to heighten any production. On top of bullet rigs and robot arms for specifically styled in-studio production, we hold a Part 107 Drone Certification, and we shoot drone footage all over the world from a breathtaking perspective shot in 4K resolution.

Sound makes or breaks a production.  We provide the most up-to-date sound equipment and experienced audio engineers who have mixed for a variety of network television shows and international branded pieces.

We come together from backgrounds in film, television, and commercial work to bring you stimulating and unique images of life across the globe. Our cinematographers are the artists behind several shows you view daily.

Post Production

We have a team of talented sound designers that handle anything from ADR to post-production mixing, to foley and music production, and have worked on several projects for a variety of partners including, but not limited, to Netflix, Nickelodeon, Microsoft, and Disney.

Our team has handled anything from info-graphic animation to character animation and motion GFX for a variety of clients from corporate all the way to high-end network television.

Every project has a different tone and feel that our colorists have to adhere to and use to customize final color correction from the most basic to the most complex artistic directions.

We conducted all post production for our Netflix original among a variety of content in our own post-facility in Old City, Philadelphia. With several editing bays and color suites in both NJ and Philly locations, all with experienced editors in Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer, ATG has the talent and physical space to bring each story to life.